Katie Rourke Dowding has strong views on The Business Of Grooming.

Many groomers sell themselves short when constructing their price lists. New groomers tend to price their work by ringing the local competition and then trying to undercut them. These practices are doomed to failure from the start.

The Hourly Rate Calculator

The Hourly Rate Calculator

(Based on Jackie Grimmett's Original Formula)

The hourly rate calculator is a spreadsheet that takes all the aggravation out of working out what your prices need to be.

It is pre-populated with figures from other groomers gathered during the seminars - you need to replace these figures with your own, guesstimating if you don't know the real answer.

Whilst guesstimating, err on the side of slightly too expensive rather than slightly too cheap. Interest rates are set to rise and everything you need to buy to run your business will rise too. Protect yourself against this inevitable eventuality.

You need Microsoft Excel or Open Office to run it on. It will run on an iPad with Excel on it, but it might be mighty fiddly to use...

This spreadsheet is probably NOT going to work on your mobile phone. I'm still working on that version.

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The HRC is a digital download. After you order, the email you receive will contain a link that will allow you to download the spreadsheet. It will also show a password, which will be a series of digits. You will need to enter this password when opening the spreadsheet.


The Seminar

In a fairly blunt and brutal seminar, candidates will learn how to

  • Set realistic prices to achieve realistic income
  • Increase prices and how to inform their clients
  • The importance of grooming Intervals/frequency
  • How to lock in customer loyalty
  • Keep their clients updated

In the fun practical afternoon session, candidates will learn how to save money and create a USP by making their own:

  • Bows
  • Bandanas
  • Flower
  • Feather Extension

If you wish to run a seminar please contact Katie.

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