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Introducing the Hourly Rate Calculator - the must-have tool for any dog groomer looking to take control of their pricing strategy. This powerful three-page spreadsheet will analyze your business and personal expenses, taking into account your holiday and sick pay requirements, as well as your unique work pattern.

Whether you work three days a week or six, for four or twelve hours a day, the Hourly Rate Calculator will work out the exact amount you should be charging per hour. Say goodbye to guesswork and undercharging - with this tool, you'll be able to confidently set your prices based on your actual costs and desired income.

With a reliable hourly rate in hand, you'll find it easier than ever to create a pricing list for your grooming services. And if a client arrives with a dog breed that's outside of your usual repertoire, you can quickly quote an hourly rate that will ensure you're fairly compensated for your time and expertise.

Take control of your business finances and ensure you're charging what you're worth with the Hourly Rate Calculator. Try it today and see the difference it can make for your dog grooming business!

You will need Microsoft Excel or Open Office to open it.

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See the Hourly Rate Calculator page for more details.


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