Rosette Wheel

$11.19 (£ 8.99) each
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This is a Centre Stage Rosette Wheel

Blue Green Rosette Wheel 500x500 PNG

It's a tool you use to make your own rosettes with. 

You will need to buy 2cm Ribbon (approximately 75 cms required for each rosette), curling ribbon for fixing the rosettes onto the dog's collar and 3cm Centres.  You will also need a hot glue gun.

The Rosette Wheels come in different colours which are sent out randomly

This is an example of the kind of rosette made with this wheel (NOT SUPPLIED!!)

Rosette PNG

Click here to see how they are made

The most popular selection is two wheels and 15 centres.  This allows you to make them in a little production line, allowing the glue to cool completely before you pull the rosette out of the template.

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