BOG Bitesize Part 1: How to use "The Hourly Rate Calculator" (includes the The Hourly Rate Calculator download)

$24.78 (£ 20.00) each



This is a 30-minute webinar explaining how to use the Hourly Rate Calculator.  The Hourly Rate Calculator is included in this price as a digital download.  A password is required to open the HRC which is supplied on the Microsoft Word Document that you'll receive inviting you to open the Webinar.  You will require Microsoft Excel (or a programme that can handle Microsoft Excel Files) to open the Hourly Rate Calculator.  It will work on both Mac and PC but has not been tested on phones or tablets. 

If you've done a grooming course that didn't really cover the nuts and bolts of HOW to run your business with financial efficiency, then this is the webinar for you! We start with the Hourly Rate Calculator and go over all the expenses you're going to encounter to work out YOUR hourly rate. 

Subsequent webinars are:

BOG Bitesize Part 2: Understanding the business side of grooming and how much money you'll need to set aside for taxes, National Insurance etc. 

BOG Bitesize Part 3: A Cheap Groom Is Never Good and a Good Groom Is Never Cheap ... How to justify your prices, what you must do to set yourself apart from the competition.

BOG Bitesize Part 4: How and when to increase your prices and the importance of intervals.

BOG Bitesize Part 5: The dogs you want to groom and the ones you don't ... and here's why!

BOG Biteside Part 6: How to achieve your hourly rate and retain your clients. This unit includes the VIP Calculator and teaches you how to use it. 

Upon purchase, you will automatically get sent a Microsoft Word document and a PDF copy with a link to the Webinar in it. Follow the instructions in the letter.

This allows you unlimited access to the recording of the BOG Bitesize Webinar Part 1 for a period of not less than 30 days. 

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