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$12.09 (£ 9.99) each (1 item)
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Introducing yet another completely new and unique product for the Dog Grooming World!

Are you finding scissoring a bit of a chore, can't quite get those tips to snip where you want them to, or don't feel you have your scissoring technique quite right?  If so, a Centre Stage Thumbthing is probably the answer to your prayers!

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What are Thumbthings? (Follow this link to another video on Facebook by Colin Taylor if you're like me and you find watching easier than reading)

Pics 1 6 in one

Team the Thumbthing with a Centre Stage Backdrop and watch your skills soar.

 Thumbthings work best in straight scissors, chunkers or blenders.  You can put them into curves of course, but you won't be able to "flip" them with a Thumbthing inserted.


There are FOUR Thumbthing sizes

measurement of thumb hole


Size 1, Tiny, 15-18 mm

Size 2, Small, 17-20 mm

Size 3, Medium, 19-22 mm

Size 4, Large, 22-25 mm


If in doubt, go for the larger size.  Thumbthings are EXTREMELY squishy and you want a nice tight snug fit.


This is a brief list of sizes and scissors - we will keep on updating it regularly on the Facebook Feedback Group


Scissor List

Proudly made here in the UK. Colin Taylor's idea, our tech. 

We are happy to ship to destinations other than the UK, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a shipping quote. 

Postage cost is fixed per order (postage for 1 thumbthing will cost the same as 10). See checkout for the cost for your country. Postage is free if ordering at least 50 Thumbthings from the UK.

"Mix and match" applies -- eg 1 tiny Ice, 1 large Sapphire, 1 medium Ruby will be charged the same total as 3 large Silver.

Want to give these a go, but don't know which size to go for? Then give the Trial Pack a go. This contains 1 medium and 1 small Thumbthing in random colours.

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$12.09 (£ 9.99) each (1 item)
$10.08 (£ 8.33) (2-3 items)
$9.08 (£ 7.50) (4-49 items)
$8.47 (£ 7.00) (50-99 items)
$7.26 (£ 6.00) (100+ items)
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