The Centre Stage BLUESCREEN

$95.31 (£ 69.95) each
Headpiece Colour


Centre Stage Bluescreens are handmade solid-coloured Bluescreens that you use with the GROOMEDIA App (available in the App Store and the Play Store). We hand-make the Bluescreens to fit your table, GROOMEDIA makes the app itself. 

There are currently over 70 backgrounds to chose from, with more being uploaded on a fortnightly basis so all of your seasonal holiday themes are amply covered. 

The headpiece can be made in any of our regular Backdrop colours, to match the Backdrop you already have and can stay on your table indefinitely, but the Bluescreen, of course, is removable and the exact shade of blue that makes this app so magical! 

Put your freshly groomed dog into any one of the amazing scenes in the app, add props and your logo and share away!  

We need the measurement from the tabletop to the top of the H-frame bar (A), the inside of the H-Frame on one side to the inside of the H-Frame on the other, just like we do for a regular Backdrop (B) and we also need the depth of your table from front to back (C). 

measuring your table

Proudly made here in the UK by The Man In The Shed. 

We are happy to ship to destinations other than the UK, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a shipping quote. 

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