Business of Grooming GOLD TICKET

£ 65.00 each





28th April, 2 pm

Access to Live Webinar *

Access to recording of Webinar *

Membership of Online FaceBook Support Group *

If you've done a grooming course that didn't really cover the nuts and bolts of HOW to run your business, then this is the webinar for you! We start with the Hourly Rate Calculator and go over all the expenses you're going to encounter to work out YOUR hourly rate. Then we cover a whole host of tips and tricks so that you can actually achieve that hourly rate.

Bronze Ticket: Access to recording of Webinar for one month

Silver Ticket: As above and Live Access to Webinar (so you can ask questions)

Gold Ticket: As above and online FaceBook Support Group

Platinum Ticket: As above plus Hourly Rate Calculator and VIP Calculator


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